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The RSA SecurID Key Fob is a lightweight and water-resistant token that is well suited for a variety of environments beyond the corporate office. Network users are today accessing enterprise networks from virtually any remote location imaginable, whether it be from home, a hotel room, an airport terminal or even outdoor locations. The SecurID Key Fob displays a randomly generated access code, which changes every 60 seconds. The SecurID Key Fob provides two-factor authentication: the user logs in by entering a secret personal identification number (PIN) followed by the current code displayed on the SecurID token.


Cain's RSA SecurID Token Calculator can generate the numbers displayed on the token before they appear. The token generation algorithm uses essentially two parameters: the key fob serial number and a token activation key; each of them are usually provided by the vendor in *.XML files.


Time Syncronization

The token values are time hashes calculated every two minutes and displayed every 60 seconds. If you system time is not synchronized with the key fob internal time, calculated tokens will be correct but not valid to be used; for this reason the program must consider the delta time between the two clocks. Time synchronization can be performed for each token by mean of the upper list pop up menu:



The synchronization dialog requires the user to insert the number that is currently displayed on the token.


Use the dialog to import the token's parameters from *.XML file or manually enter the serial number and activation key (token seed) of the desired key fob; then click on the serial number in the upper list to generate tokens.