Rainbowcrack-online.com enables businesses and individuals to assess their password policies by providing access to their pre-generated hash tables.

Cain can now interact with  the outstanding power of this on-line cracking service based on RainbowTable technology, but be warned that the service is not free and you need a valid account to use this feature



Using the Rainbowcrack-online client is really simple. You have to select one or more hashes to submit to the site and associate the correct table set for the cracking process using the "Change Table" button.



As you can see from the above picture, there could be more that one table set available for a single hash.

To submit the hashes simply select them and press the "Submit" button.




Once submitted, hashes are immediately processed by back-end systems of Rainbowcrack-online. You can check the cracking status using the "Check cracking status"

function available in Cain's hash lists.




When you exit this dialog, cleartext passwords are automatically imported into Cain's list.


The communication between Cain and the Rainbowcrack-online web site is SSL enabled to ensure privacy of transmitted information.