The MAC address scanner is a very fast IP to MAC address resolver based on ARP Request/Reply packets. It takes as input a range of IP addresses on the current subnet and resolves the MAC addresses associated to those IPís. The scanner includes an OUI database, providing MAC vendor's information, this feature is useful to quickly identify switches, routers, load balancers and firewalls present in the LAN.



Because of the use of ARP packets that cannot cross routers or VLANs, this feature can resolve MAC addresses in the local broadcast domain only. The OUI database is a normalized version of the IEEE OUI list available at this link:

Once active hosts are found, you can also resolve their host names with the "Resolve Host Name" function within the list pop up menu.


The scanner cannot resolve MAC addresses if the network card is not correctly configured. You also have to check the APR's spoofing options in the configuration dialog before initiating a scan.


The sniffer must be activated.


The scanner's configuration dialog is activated pressing the "Insert" button on the keyboard or click the icon with the blue + on the toolbar;  then you have to select the range of IP addresses to resolve.