Q: Is this program a virus ?

A: No, absolutely not ! The program does not infect files, it does not send your password over the Internet, it does not propagate itself and it does not contain spyware code. If you don't trust the me you can check it yourself using your preferred personal firewall software. As proof of contents, in every release of the program the executable and .DLL files are always signed by the author. You can find mao's PGP public-key here.

Q: Where can I find changes made between versions ?

A: Changes are reported in the file "Whats.new" in the program's directory.

Q: Why I'm getting "Corrupt Installation Detected" during the installation of the program ?

A: This happens if your account does not have "Administrator" privileges. You must be an administrator to install Cain.

Q: I used the feature to hide Cain, how can I unhide it now ?

A: The program uses the following hot keys:

Alt + Del -> Hide Cain's Window

Alt + PgDown -> Minimize Cain to the system tray

Alt + PgUp -> Restore Cain's Windows