This feature allows you to download or upload the configuration file of Cisco devices via SNMP/TFTP. It supports routers and switches that uses the OLD-CISCO-SYSTEM-MIB or the new CISCO-CONFIG-COPY-MIB; for more information about those MIBs please refer to Cisco web site.

How it works

1) Cain requests the configuration file transfer to the Cisco device using the SNMP protocol. Request packets are constructed using some proprietary Cisco OIDs that the vendor provides for this functionality; they also contains other parameters like the protocol type, the server IP address and filenames to instruct the device on where to send or to take its configuration file.

2) At this point the device starts the file transfer using the protocol specified in the request (set to TFTP for simplicity).

3) Cain opens a TFTP socket in listening mode and handles the file transfer. A TFTP server is NOT required, when uploading the program sends the configuration file to the device, when downloading it receives it.


To download a configuration from a device press the "Insert" button on the keyboard or click the icon with the blue + on the toolbar, provide the IP address of the SNMP enabled device and the right Read/Write Community string. To upload a configuration use the relative function within the list pop up menu.


This feature will not work if network restrictions, like ACLs or firewall rules, for interested protocols (SNMP/TFTP) are set. The TFTP file transfer is initiated by the device itself so dynamic NAT between you and the device is a problem as well.


- CCDU works on Cisco Routers and Switches that supports the OLD-CISCO-SYSTEM-MIB or the new CISCO-CONFIG-COPY-MIB. PIX Firewalls does not support those MIBs.

- You also need the right Read/Write SNMP community string (e.g.: "private"), the Read-Only one is not enough.