Q: What is CCDU ?

A: CCDU (Cisco Config Downloader/Uploader) is a feature of the program. Cain can Download/Upload configuration files from/to Cisco devices  via SNMP/TFTP. This feature provides a simple way to re-configure Cisco devices.

Q: Which devices are supported by CCDU ?

A: CCDU works on Cisco Routers and Switches that supports the OLD-CISCO-SYSTEM-MIB or the new CISCO-CONFIG-COPY-MIB. PIX Firewall does not support those MIBs.

Q: Which community string I have to use ?

A: You need the Read/Write community string (ex: "private"), the Read-Only one is not enough.

Q: Which configuration file is downloaded ?

A: The configuration file downloaded is the one present in the actual "running configuration" of the device. The "startup configuration" file is not downloaded.

Q: Where are configuration files uploaded ?

A: Configuration files are loaded to the "running configuration" of the device. They are NOT saved into the "startup configuration".

Q: How does CCDU work ?

A: The download/upload request is made by Cain via SNMP; then the device will request a TFTP file transfer to Cain.

Q: Is a TFTP Server software required for CCDU ?

A: No, CCDU will handle the file transfer. Additional TFTP server is not required.

Q: Other CCDU requirements ?

A: This feature will not work if network restrictions, like ACLs or firewall rules, for those protocols (SNMP/TFTP) are set. The transfer is initiated by the device itself so dynamic NAT between you and the device is a problem as well.

Q: Can I reset/modify an enable password using CCDU ?

A: Yes, you can ! Simply download the configuration file, change it as you wish and then upload the file to the device.


Let's make an example:

- Download the configuration file from the router

- Open the file and go to the line where the password is written "enable secret 5 $1$hrA9$lvlAzWeHLEQcDxx/OxuWA/" (in this case this password is "test";  you can check it with Cain's Cisco IOS-MD5 Cracker)

- To set the new password to "mao" change the line in this way: "enable secret mao"

- Save the file and than upload it to the device (Right click -> Upload)

- Check if the new password has been modified downloading the configuration file again.

Q: Can I upload only parts of configuration files ?

A: Yes, those parts will be uploaded and merged to the "running configuration" of the device.