ArpWorks is an utility for sending customized "ARP announce" packets over the network. All ARP and Ethernet parameters, can be changed as you like. Manipulation of ARP tables is only possible inside your "Broadcast Domain", ARP packets doesn't cross routers or VLANs.

- IP-MAC Discovery
- Host Isolation
- Packets Redirection
- General IP Confict, DoS...

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ArpWorks v1.0 for Windows 95/98

(this program will not be updated anymore)


WARNING!!! ArpWorks is not able to re-route redirected packets so it can cause Denial of Services and loss of data in your local area network. Use it only if you are absolutely sure of what you are doing and only for testing purposes. If you are looking for something smarter for sniffing on switched LANs you can take a look at Cain & Abel in the projects area.